Courageous Yazidi survivor, Ashwaq facing her terrorist rapist again

8/12/2019 12:01:00

Al-Arabiya TV channel broadcasted a confrontation between 20 years old Yazidi survivor Ashwaq Haji Hamid and one of the ISIS terrorists who raped her in 2014.


Ashwaq Haji Hamid was 14 years old when ISIS terrorists occupied Sinjar, the Yazidi ancestral heartland in Iraq, in Nineveh Governorate 518.7 km northwest of Iraqi capital Baghdad in 2014 and went on to slaughter thousands of Yazidi men and boys and abduct girls to be used as sex slaves.


Ashwaq Hajji asked the arrested terrorist Abu Hammam al-Hayani many angry questions and told him that she was only 14 years old when he raped her and that she was the same age as his sister, she angrily asked him: Do you accept for someone to be at the age of your father rape your sister ?? He replied to her saying: No .. 


The whole time, the ISIS member's head was leaned before her, she rebuked him, saying, "Raise your head ... bastard!"


She answered him: Why did you accept that when I was like your sister? 


"Why did you do that to me?" The girl asked her rapist. Why did you break my dreams and break my heart? Is it because I'm Yezidi? you have a sister? Do you have a feeling? Do you have honor? I was 14 years old ... At the age of your daughter or sister ... You destroyed my life? You took everything that I dreamed of. "


And she continued, "One day I was in the hand of ISIS in your hand, now you must taste the meaning of torment and loneliness, if you had any feeling you would not have raped me when I was 14 years old."


Ashwaq Haji said that her first and last wish was to see the terrorist detained by the security forces in order to receive his fair punishment, asking about the fate of her missing brothers and relatives.


She demanded the security forces to arrest all the terrorists who participated in the killing of innocent citizens.


She said with grief and sorrow that the arrested terrorist was beating and raping her every day, and she explained: "The ISIS terrorists acted like crazy and animals."


On how she escaped ISIS slavery she said, "I managed to escape from the hand of ISIS terrorists after putting sleeping pills in the terrorists ’food in the Ba’aj district", noting that 6 Yazidi girls managed to escape.


Al-Ba'aj District is in Nineveh Governorate 552.5 km northwest of Iraqi capital Baghdad. It was under control of ISIS terrorists until June 2017.


The survivor, Ashwaq Haji Hamid stressed that she wants to be there to see the execution of the terrorist Abu Hammam Al-Hayani to see him receive his fair punishment.






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