PUK 4th Congress.. A congress for reform and renewing

8/12/2019 09:47:00

The PUK holds congresses to change and discuss the leadership structure and party's hierarchy and each congress has its own internal policy.

The PUK has held only three congresses since its foundation in June 1975. First one was in 1992, which was held in the Kurdistan Region's capital Erbil, second one was in 2001 and was held in Sulaymaniyah city, and the last one was in 2010, which was also held in Sulaymaniyah.


This congress, which is scheduled to take place on December 21, is the first congress to be held without the founder and leader of the PUK President Mam Jalal.


PUK leaders are optimistic 


The PUK leaders are very optimistic about the 4th congress of the party, as they see it as a congress of reforms and renewal of the party.



"We will hold a successful conference and open a new page for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, which fits this era and what people expect from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan," said Qubad Talabani, leading member of the PUK and Deputy Prime Minister of the KRG.


Kosrat Rasul, Second Deputy Secretary-General of the PUK, pointed out that the requirements of the people demand renewing from the PUK, as saying "Reforms, changes, people's demands and duties require the PUK to renew itself and to be more prepared for struggle." 



For his part Dr. Barham Salih, Second Deputy Secretary-General of the PUK said: "The 4th congress of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan is a fateful and renewal congress."



Nasrallah Surchi, member of the PUK Leadership Council and Official of the PUK Nineveh Organization Center, described the 4th congress as a renewing congress and said "The next congress of the party will be a renewing congress and complementary to the march of more than twenty thousand martyrs who sacrificed themselves for the cause of Kurdistan and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan."


Electing members of the congress


Electing members of the congress under goes 3 processes which aim to identify candidates within the PUK to participate in the PUK's congress.


The PUK holds election in all of its organizational bodies to elect members who participate in the congress.


Firstly the PUK Committees Conference in which a number of candidates will be elected. Secondly the PUK Offices Conference, candidates elected in the conference will directly participate in the congress. Thirdly is the PUK Centers Conference in which the people elected in the PUK Committees Conference will undergo another election process and the winning candidate will participate in the congress.


The participants should be no more than 1000 members according to the PUK’s internal regulations.


At the current stage, the PUK Committees Conference and PUK Offices Conference have been finished, the only stage left is the PUK Centers Conference which is scheduled to be held on Monday, December 9.


The Organizational Committees' elections took place in PUK organization centers in last November and Rizgar Ali, the head of the PUK supreme elections commission praised the electoral process and said that they were going well.



Bafel Talabani praised the organizational committees elections, stressing the success of the democratic process.


Talabani said that "The step is the first to renew the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan", praising the role of participants, congratulating them on the success of the democratic process.


Date of the 4th congress


The leadership council of the PUK held a meeting on Thursday, December 5, 2019, chaired by Mr. Kosrat Rasul Ali, First Deputy Secretary-General of the PUK, at the building of the Political Bureau of the PUK in Sulaymaniyah, in which the PUK leadership decided to set December 21 as the date of the 4th Congress.




The Central Council supports the Leadership Council's decision


The Central Council of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan confirmed its support for the decision of the leadership council of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan on holding the 4th congress.


The Central Council of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan said in a statement that "The council’s secretariat and committees held a meeting, during which they praised the leadership’s decision and confirmed their support for this decision", wishing the congress would be held at the specified date.


The Central Council of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan has issued a statement consisting of seven points about the 4th congress of the PUK.


In its statement, the Central Council emphasized the following points:


1- The conference of the headquarters has to be held early next week, for which all the preparations have been completed. 


2- The fourth congress must be held this month, it must not be delayed into next year.


3- if for any personal or unlawful reason the congress gets to delay into next year, we as the central council will not take this historical responsibility and we will respect the will of the unionists.


4- We thank the electoral office and higher elections committee for performing their duties successfully.


5- The central council rejects all the closed lists, it support a transparent and democratic process.


6- The Central Council thanks all comrades who come to the Central Council and ask for our stance and support.  


7- We are closely overseeing the meetings of the elites committee and we hope they make proper decisions in those sensitive and historic moments to delight the spirits of President Mam Jalal and all of our nation's martyrs.






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