Wood Burning Heater industry flourishes in Kurdistan

7/12/2019 14:48:00

Making heaters working by burning firewood and charcoal increased due to the high prices of oil in the markets and the decrease in electricity supply, which led to an increase in demand for these heaters, especially in the cold regions.


Making firewood heaters is one of the oldest professions in Kurdistan. This profession is still practiced by a number of the residents in Kurdistan.


"This year, the demand for firewood heaters has increased by the people because high prices of oil in the markets," said Kaiwan Hassan, owner of a store of making firewood heaters in Sulaymaniyah.


"Prices vary according to the type of the heater and its sizes. The local Iraqi heaters are more expensive than the Iranian heaters because of its quality, which its cost ranges between 15-25 thousand dinars," Hassan added.


Haji Latif works in the manufacture of wood burning heaters and says, “wood burning heaters are made of light iron plate, and they have different sizes and some request them with special measurements and we manufacture and equip it for them, as the demand for wood burning heaters has increased recently, and its popularity has increased due to its inexpensive prices and the fairly available firewood."


Hemn Omar, a citizen who buys wood heaters, says, "Because of the severe cold and rain, I bought wood burning heaters, and I will bring firewood from my farm, which have appropriate and cheap prices compared to the prices of Kerosene, whose prices have increased because the government has not distributed it yet."






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