A Sulaymaniyah herbalist's tips for winter

6/12/2019 12:11:00

Herbalist is one of the oldest professions that preceded the pharmacy, which is called alternative medicine now days.


In Sulaymaniyah herbal medicine markets are still present, and citizens are still demanding herbal medicine, despite the decline in the number of shops.


One of the oldest herbalist in Sulaymaniyah have tips for people to keep themselves away from getting flue and cold during the winter. 


"We have been working in the herbal medicine sector for 70 years. I inherited this profession from my dad Haji Tayib and I will inherit it to my children as well," said Zana Tayib, owner of the oldest herbal medicine shop in Sulaymaniyah.


"With the approaching winter season, there are many fears of flu, influenza and other serious immune diseases that affect humans, and with the increasing popularity of using herbs instead of chemical drugs by patients, as medicine herbs are characterized by having few side effects, especially in winter, and strengthens the immune system and fights viruses and microbes that affect the respiratory system in cold weathers. We have a lot of therapeutic herbal medicines such as ginger, green tea, flowers, cloves, chamomile and Common sage, which gives energy and heat up the body and kill microbes and give good health and actives the body."


It is noteworthy that according to estimates of the World Health Organization 'WHO', 80% of the world population use herbs as a primary treatment instead of chemical medicine drugs.



Sulaymaniyah, known as the city of culture, is a city in the Kurdistan region north of Iraq. It is 370.7 km north of Iraqi capital Baghdad.






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