Opening a mass grave in Saladin province

3/12/2019 11:54:00

The Martyrs Foundation announced the opening of a mass grave for the victims of Al-Qaeda terrorist organization in Saladin province.


The Martyrs Foundation said in a statement: To continue its work in the discovery of mass graves of the victims of the former regime and al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists, the Martyrs Foundation, represented by the Department of Affairs and Protection of mass graves / technical teams in the field of research, investigation and exploration, began to open one of the graves belonging to the victims of al-Qaeda terrorist crimes in 2007 Salah al-Din _ Ishaqi _ village Kaban, with the support and attendance of the International Commission for Missing Persons (icmp) and the participation of forensic medicine staff


The mass graves are considered one of the major crimes committed by the brutality of humanity. They are committed in a brutal manner by burying groups of people in a large crater alive or dead. The graves department of the foundation is the only body that discovered these graves. The victims informed their families of the presence of their loved ones, in order to be buried and to hold ceremonies of consolation for their martyrs.





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