Qadir Aziz: The fourth congress will not be postponed

1/12/2019 19:42:00

Sunday- Qadir Aziz, A member of the Political Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, supervisor of the Information Office, visited the Central Council of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, where he was received by the secretariat and members of the Central Council.


Kadir Aziz highlighted at the beginning of the meeting the most important and the latest developments in Kurdistan and Iraq, and said that the region and Iraq are going through an important fateful stage that requires the Kurds to be united and ready for developments and all possibilities.


He added, "The patriotic Union is now facing a crucial phase, and we accept the holding of the fourth congress of the Patriotic Union, which requires us to be united and understanding, and participate in the congress in a spirit of struggle through which we can address most of the problems faced by the Patriotic Union.


Aziz stressed that the congress is a life necessity for the Patriotic Union and for all organizations, especially the Patriotic Union, which has a bright history and a special place in Kurdistan, Iraq and the region, so the congress, to meet the aspirations and demands of the cadres, members and masses of the Patriotic Union, we all should work to strengthen the Union in the government of the region, and to work to balance the powers  in the region.


Responding to some rumors about the intention of the political leadership to postpone the congress, Qadir Aziz said that there is no intention not to hold the congress, and that we have a strong will to hold a successful congress, which will surprise friends and enemies.


For his part, Zubair Othman, the First Deputy Secretary of the Central Council, said that we all have a historical responsibility towards the blood of the martyrs and the struggle and sacrifices of the cadres and fighters of the Patriotic Union. 


"We will hold a successful congress and restructure the structures, leadership and policy of the Union in such a way that is in line with the requirements of the current stage." Zubair added


Othman pointed out that the Central Council prepared a draft rules of procedure to be presented to the members of the congress, praising the important role played by the members of the Central Council of supervising the elections of the committees and organizational offices of the Union in various governorates, and continued, "We have taken the necessary steps to supervise the elections of organizational centers, so we are awaiting the decisions and directives of the Higher Preparatory Committee of the congress. "


In turn, the members of the Central Council during the meeting discussed their proposals and perceptions on the most important and the latest developments in Kurdistan, Iraq and the region.






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