Poll: majority of Germans are with Turkey's exclusion from NATO

30/10/2019 18:58:00

According to a recent poll, most Germans support Turkey's exclusion from NATO, and many politicians support the idea. However, this may be unrealistic.


The Turkish military operation in western Kurdistan and northern Syria affected it's relations with NATO allies and calls for Turkey's exclusion from the alliance have increased, along with left-wing politicians, the head of the Social Democratic Party's parliamentary bloc, Rolf Mützenich also questioned Turkey's NATO membership, even large parts of German society support the initiative. In an opinion poll commissioned by the German news agency, 58 percent support Turkey's exclusion from NATO because of Turkish military intervention in northern Syria, and only 18 percent opposed it.


For Ankara, the military operation in northeastern Syria was so successful that at first glance a Kurdish state was prevented and the Kurdish forces and YPG are being withdrawn in cooperation with the Russian military police from the Syrian-Turkish border.


This military operation helped Ankara achieve its political security objectives. At the same time, the operation is a conflict of interest with most NATO countries: military intervention not only strengthened ISIS and facilitated the escape of its fighters, as the European countries say, but also strengthened NATO's biggest rival, Russia. The Turkish operation helped Moscow strengthen its position in Syria and establish Syria as a "Kremlin state."


While the majority of NATO countries criticize the Turkish operation, as described by German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas as contrary to international law, the Turkish government considered the military intervention as an intervention to combat terrorism. 


Tensions between Ankara and NATO have increased in recent months, especially the dispute over the Russian missile system S-400, where this revealed the lack of confidence that exists between the Turkish government and NATO partners. Turkey took the decision of ousting American anti-aircraft weapons and used Russian ones instead to protect its airspace. This did not appeal to the West because of security concerns. Westerners fear that Russian missile system technology will allow access to classified information from NATO. The Americans were angry at Ankara's unilateral move and gave the NATO partner a period of time and threatened it with economic sanctions. This tense deal between two NATO partners was a new development. Even on the day the Turkish military operation began, the US president personally threatened his Turkish counterpart Erdogan to "destroy the Turkish economy." There is also concern among NATO partners that military and political cooperation with Moscow will push Ankara away from its Western partners in NATO. Ankara is responding specifically to Putin's strategy, as experts consider that the Russian president is trying to divide NATO.




PUKmedia - Shehab Osman / Germany


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