The Evening Post Kurdish Journalist receives the Ossietzky Award

23/10/2019 11:10:00

"Norwegian PEN awards this year's Ossietzky Prize 2019 to Aftenposten's foreign journalist Afshin Ismaeli, for his work on reporting from a reality Norwegian readers rarely hear about," Norwegian PEN writes in a press release.


Afshin Ismaeli (33) has been associated with Aftenposten since 2017, and got a permanent job in June this year .


The Ossietzky Prize is given to people who have made an outstanding effort in the past year for freedom of expression.


At the risk of their own lives, Afshin Ismaeli regularly threatens to report from the front lines. He himself has been imprisoned and beaten up by the police while working in Turkey, but continues his thorough journalistic work from crisis areas.


Norwegian PEN is proud to award the Ossietzky Prize for 2019 to Afshin Ismaeli.


- Afshin Ismaeli's reports show how important it is for journalists to work safely in conflict areas. The board of Norwegian PEN is proud to award the Ossietzky Prize 2019 to a journalist who has, among other things, provided key information for the Norwegian debate on children of IS parents, says Norwegian chairman of the Norwegian PEN, Kjersti Løken Stavrum , according to the press release.


The award winner is currently in Iraq, writes Aftenposten . To his own newspaper he says: I am very happy that I received this award. It means a lot to me working in conflict areas.


"In most of the countries we report from, it is very difficult to work as a journalist. Freedom of speech is constantly restricted. In these difficult situations, we try to give a voice to people. It is important to be with people and tell the stories of those suffering from conflict," he added.



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