Nineveh: 800,000 displaced people may be denied the right to vote

22/9/2019 12:12:00

According to the new amendment to the provincial elections law, thousands of people in Nineveh will be deprived of voting because they are in displacement camps.


"According to statistics available to us, more than 800,000 people from Nineveh province are still in displacement camps and have not returned to their homes," Ghiath Sorji, official of PUK Center’s media office in Nineveh, told PUKmedia.


“The majority of these displaced people are Kurds, Yazidis, Shabaks and another part of them are Christians, Arabs and other components. According to the new law, the voter must vote in his home city and may not vote anywhere else. This amendment will deprive them of the right to vote,” he said.


He continued “The Federal Government and the Electoral Commission should review the law or find a specific mechanism to address this problem before the elections are held because every citizen has the right to vote in elections and this right is guaranteed by the Constitution.”


He pointed out that the Kurds in the province of Nineveh will be the most affected by this amendment because most of the displaced are Kurds.



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