Revealing the budgets of Iraq for the past 15 years

21/9/2019 16:50:00

Sabah al-Saadi, MP of the Saairun bloc, on Saturday, revealed the budgets of Iraq for the past 15 years.

al-Saadi said during a press conference that the general budget for 2005 amounted to more than 35 trillion, in 2006 was more than 50 trillion, 2007 more than 72 trillion, in 2008 more than 59 trillion while the supplementary budget reached more than 86 trillion, meanwhile in 2009 the budget was more than 69 trillion, in 2010 more than 84 trillion, in 2011 the budget was 96 trillion, in 2012 the budget exceeded 117 trillion, and in 2013 the budget was more than 138 trillion. In 2014, the unapproved budget bill, which the government unlawfully spent, was over 163 trillion, 2015 budget was more than 119 trillion, 2016 more than 105 trillion, 2017 more than 100 trillion, 2018 more than 104 trillion, and the current year 2019 more than 133 trillion.


He added that the total funds allocated under the previous budgets will be 1515 trillion 85 billion 417 million equivalent to 1262 million US dollars, indicating that those who hear these alarming figures expect that these figures are for a country whose children live and have all the amenities and services.






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