International companies participate in the energy conference in Iraq

19/9/2019 11:48:00

For economic cooperation in the path of peace and prosperity and the future of energy in Iraq


The Federal Capital of Baghdad hosted the 5th Energy Conference under the slogan "Economic Cooperation for Peace, Prosperity in the Middle East and the Future of Energy", while Asiacell was the platinum sponsor of the conference.


The conference lasted for four days with broad governmental participation, in addition to a large participation of stakeholders in the field of energy in Iraq, the Middle East and the world, and a wide participation of international companies specialized in this sector. The Forum's activities included the review of many researches, the organization of workshops and panel discussions that will be a positive motivation to provide the energy sector in Iraq with proposals, insights and constructive ideas.


The conference is an ideal platform for larger and more diversified energy talks, given the significant development of the regional and global energy industry.





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