Repatriation of 158 Iraqi refugees from Turkey

19/9/2019 10:03:00

(158) Iraqi refugees returned from the Turkish territory to Iraq, through the port of Ibrahim Khalil affiliated to the Zakho district in the province of Duhok that confirmed by the Director General of Branches Affairs and the official spokesman of the Ministry of Displacement and Migration, Ali Abas Jihangir, explaining that the ministry continues to implement its program and the voluntary free weekly return of refugees to Iraqis in the Turkish Republic.


On Thursday, he said in a statement, which PUKmeida received a copy of it: The cadres of the ministry's representative in the Kurdistan Region and its office in Duhok in coordination with the Office of Joint Crisis Management in Duhok and security forces from Ibrahim Khalil port transported Iraqis returning from Turkey by road in buses allocated by the ministry to transport them and get them to their homeland.


He said that the refugees were present in the Turkish provinces (Ankara, Samsunk and Grom), pointing out that their return was organized by the ministry in coordination with the Iraqi embassy in the Turkish capital (Ankara), as the start of their return started from the Turkish capital and through Zakho into their original areas of the residence. 





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