Taha Amin: Implementation of the Constitution resolves the differences between Erbil and Baghdad

18/9/2019 12:50:00

A member of the PUK bloc, MP Taha Amin emphasized the need to apply the Constitution and the law to resolve the differences between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the federal government.


On Wednesday 18/9/2019, Taha Amin told PUKmedia in response to President Barham Saleh's visit to the region that all communication and meeting between the two sides has a positive impact at all levels, stressing that through meeting and negotiation can get out results and build trust and good faith.


An MP, Taha Amin said: "These meetings are very important and the result is the most important and be within the political, financial and administrative consensus," pointing out that the regional government should be aware that the federal government is the center and has a wide authority, and we must recognize this fact.


An MP, Taha Amin stressed that the Constitution and the law must be applied in all matters relating to the federal government, especially the budget, adding, "We are part of Iraq and we must apply the laws of the federal government and get our political, financial and administrative rights."


An MP, Taha Amin said that from a financial point of view that the region must deliver the amount of 250 thousand barrels of oil a day to get its share of the budget, as well as revenues of customs points to be included in the treasury of the federal government, stressing that these practical steps must be taken by the region to solve problems. He pointed out that if the negotiations between the two sides in order to extend the negotiations, the result may not be as we expect, as he put it.



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