The results of the fifth phase of the will of victory

17/9/2019 19:10:00

The Security Media Cell announced on Tuesday the results of the fifth phase of Operation of Will of Victory so far.


"Our air support forces continue their operations during the fifth phase of Will of Victory's Operation , under the direction of the commander in chief of the armed forces and under the supervision of the Joint Operations Command in Anbar Desert, south of the international road along the Karbala and Najaf governorates to the Saudi border," the cell said in a statement obtained by PUKmedia.


The statement added that "the results of this stage until the hour of this statement is the destruction of a tunnel and 3 hideouts and also found a fourth hideout in Wadi al-Faj contained two tank shells and 6 boxes of equipment 14.5 mm, also detonated three explosive devices and found a mortar and 20 A mortar shell, a single-shell structure, two 82mm mortar plates, three single-barrel mortars, 16 BmB launcher rockets, two RBG7 rounds and 150 rounds of 27-mm artillery.


The cell said in its statement, that "the joint security forces continue their operations."






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