A government decision worries Election Institution of the PUK

17/9/2019 15:36:00

The Election Institution of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan expressed surprise and concern that the Federal Council of Ministers issued an order to form a committee in Kirkuk, free of the Kurdish, Turkmen and Christian component.


Dr. Bryar Rashid, a spokesman for the Institution said in a statement received by PUKmedia: "we are concerned that the committee is supposed to include a representative from the higher committee of the implementation of Article (140) of the Iraqi Constitution / Office of Kirkuk and members from the Kurds, Turkmen, Chaldeans and Assyrian components of this province, as the task of this committee is to investigate how the matching process is conducted in the voter register in this province."


He indicated that the Committee is free of members representing all the components of this city, pointing out that compatibility in this province is the basis of peaceful coexistence.


The Institution in its statement called on the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to reconsider the formation of this committee, provided that the members of the committee must be from all components of Kirkuk to maintain peaceful coexistence in this province.





PUKmedia / Elections Institution of the PUK Media 


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