Google Go app is now available on Android devices worldwide

23/8/2019 10:06:00

Google first introduced the Google Go app on Android Oreo (Go edition) devices back in 2017. However, initially the app was available in select markets only. Now, nearly a year and a half later the tech giant is launching its lightweight data-friendly search app to its users around the globe.


"Starting today, our lightweight search app #GoogleGo will be available globally on the @GooglePlay store. As demo'd at #io19, Lens in #GoogleGo can help translate and search the words you see around you, and even read them aloud," Google chief executive officer Sundar Pichai wrote in a tweet.


The Google Go app, as the Mountain View, California based company explained in its blog post is just over 7MB in size and hence it ensures that your phone "stays speedy" when you surfing the web even in the areas with low connectivity. "And if you lose connectivity when you using Google Go, it will remember your place and even retrieve your search results for you once you're back online," Google Product Manager, Bibo Xu wrote in a blog post.


Apart from launching its Google Go app for its users across the globe, the tech giant has also introduced a new functionality to the app. Back at Google I/O 2019, Google launched Lens in Google Go. "This feature is launching first in Google Go, our Search app for first-time smartphone users. Lens in Google Go is just over 100KB and works on phones that cost less than $50," Google had written in a blog post at the time. This feature will now be available in the Google Go app as users download it from the Play Store.


So what can you do using Lens in the Google Go app? Well, users can use the Google Go app to read the text in front of them. Or they can translate the text from a foreign language. Alternatively, users can do both - make the app translate the text and read it out loud to them.


"Google Go also offers an AI-powered read-out-loud feature that lets you listen to any web page, with words highlighted as they're read so you can follow along," the Google product manager wrote in the blog post.


Google Go is available on the Google Play Store globally for all Android devices running on Lollipop and above.



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