Sherwana Castle is converted into a folkloric museum

21/8/2019 16:01:00

The Sherwana Castle in the district of Kalar is scheduled to open to visitors in the coming period, as a folkloric museum.


According to the information available to PUKmedia, in the near future, the Sherwana Castle will be open to visitors, as a collection of folkloric materials and instruments will be displayed after its restoration.


The upper section of the archaeological citadel of Sherwana in Kalar district was severely damaged by an earthquake that hit the area during the past period.


The castle is located south of the city of Kalar - the center of the administration of the region of Garmian - a distance of about 126 km south of the province of Sulaymaniyah.


According to many historical sources and beliefs, this castle was constructed by Mohamed Pasha Jaff from 1866 to 1874, consisting of a basement and two floors separated by an octagonal chamber at the top. Mohamed Pasha built this citadel as a resting and administration house for the region.


This castle has a stunning aesthetic image, being located at an elevated position of up to 12.30 m, as well as a collection of engravings and ornaments and surrounded by four towers that show the main shape of the castle. The inside of the castle consists of several main rooms and the interior is built in an eye-catching geometric feature.




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