Visiting the Anfal remains in the forensic medicine department of Iraq

20/8/2019 16:21:00

The President of the Republic's adviser said that they visited the Anfal remains in the forensic medicine department of Iraq to be aware of the work of the anatomical team and the DNA testing.


The Adviser of the President of the Republic's, Salar Mahmoud said in a statement, PUKmedia obtained a copy of it: "For the purpose of being aware of the work of the anatomical team and the DNA testing in the forensic medicine department, we visited the Anfal victims' remains in baghdad on Monday, August 19th."


It is worth mentioning that after opening a mass grave in Samawa desert, which included the remains of 171 women and children Anfal victims, the remains are in the forensic medicine department in Baghdad and are undergoing DNA testing.


The Adviser added that, the remains include 74 children and 97 women. According to the anatomical team, the process of examining will take one and a half month, pointing out that the aim of their visit was to be aware of the examining process and to thank the anatomical and examining team of the forensic department of the Health Ministry, also to appreciate and thank the mass grave opening team of Martyrs Foundation and the Ministry of Martyrs and Anfal Affairs of the Kurdistan Region.








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