Baghdad organizations: the establishment of solemn ceremony for the remains of martyrs mass graves

19/8/2019 23:28:00

Pola Talabani, head of the PUK's Baghdad Organization Center, visited the forensic medicine department in the federal capital of Baghdad with the aim of reviewing the work to identify the remains of martyrs of the infamous Anfal operations that were recently found in the desert city of Samawah.


Dr. Zaid Ali, Director General of Forensic Medicine, and Dr. Yasmin, Director of Mass Graves, received the delegation of the Baghdad organizations, for his part, the Center's official, Pola Talabani, stressed the support of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan to end the work of identifying the martyrs in a scientific manner to return them to the Kurdistan region with majestic decrees befitting them.


Talabani thanked the team for their continued efforts.








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