Hakim Qadr: We will guide the Patriotic Union to a successful conference

19/8/2019 23:01:00

The Governor Qadir Hama Jan, a member of the political bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, met on Monday 19/8/2019 with the comrades of the secretariat of the Peshmerga Society with special needs.


After clarifying the latest political developments in Iraq and the Kurdistan region and the last steps to organize the grand inside of the Patriotic Union and on the issue of holding the fourth conference of the party, Hama Jan said: The Patriotic Union has risen to the summit of freedom and liberation in the difficult stages of the blood of the immortal martyrs and courage and heroism of Peshmerga, adding that the Patriotic Union Like all other forces and parties, reform is needed despite all the gains it has made.


In another aspect of the meeting, they discussed the decisions of the medical examination committee to determine the proportion of disability, especially for militants with special needs on the fronts, calling on the Kurdistan Parliament and the new cabinet of the Kurdistan Regional Government to pay attention to people with special needs to suit their lives as militants on the fronts.












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