Salar Mahmud: a strategic agreement between Baghdad and the region

19/8/2019 12:45:00

Salar Mahmud, advisor of the President of the Republic on Monday, emphasized a continued efforts to reach the Kurdistan region and Baghdad to a comprehensive solution to the outstanding problems.


Mahmud said in a statement to PUKmedia: The Presidency is making more efforts to bring the federal and regional governments closer to each other, explaining that resolving all outstanding problems, including budget, salaries and oil are priorities we take care of..


He added: The Kurdish blocs in the House of Representatives must unite its rhetoric during the coming challenges in Baghdad, pointing to the presence of parties may seek to not reach an agreement between Baghdad and the region.


He stressed the need to conclude a strategic agreement between the federal and regional governments so that the two sides can face the challenges ahead and ensure the interests of the people.



PUKmedia Exclusive


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