The PUK bloc works to return the saved salaries

17/8/2019 12:36:00

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan bloc in the Kurdistan Parliament, called to return the saved salaries to employees through legal procedures.


In a televised statement, Luqman Wardi, MP for the PUK bloc in Kurdistan Parliament, said: The PUK bloc made a number of legal proposals to restore the saved salaries to employees, and after the end of the legislative holiday those proposals will be put in the agenda of the Kurdistan Parliament.


He added: Since these proposals have financial dimensions, it must be discussed with the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan Region and the Ministry of Finance, to develop appropriate mechanisms for the return of saved salaries in accordance with the proportion of improved financial conditions of the Kurdistan Regional Government.


He continued: The Kurdistan Region has passed the financial crisis and the government must put an appropriate mechanism in place to return the saved salaries to employees, and the return of part of the salaries through monthly installments according to bank accounts determined for each employee.



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