American university of Harvard allocates a seat for a student from Halabja

12/8/2019 18:10:00

The young Kurd Rawa Halabjay won the "King of Sweden Award" as one of the first and exemplary students, and became a student at Harvar University, one of the most famous medical universities in the world.


Rawa Halabjay, whose full name is (Rawa Jamal Hama Hussein), received an excellent grade in all subjects during the preparatory exams for 2019, and he is a resident of the Swedish city of Gothenburg, and was honored in grades of (9, 10, 11 and 12) after receiving high grades each year.


The prizes  that Rawa as student received were:


1 /  kungliga och hvitfeldtska Award, which was established in 1664 and is awarded to outstanding students with high grades. It was awarded to Rawa Halabjay as one of the outstanding students in the city of Gothenburg, western Sweden, and was awarded by the award-winning, Daniel Son of Sweden, in the presence of his family and relatives.


 2 / Award of a scientific competition in Sweden, a competition held annually for students of the 12th grade, bur Rawa, who was from Halabja, could be able to win the award in the field of medicine and biology, and received the award from Tres Treo Tecker, President of the Microsoft Foundation in the Swedish capital Stockholm.


3 / Rawa Halabjay participated as an honorary member in an annual conference held to honor the Nobel laureates in various fields. He also presented an English speech on the environment and was honored during the conference.


4 / During the grades (9-10-11) he received the model student award in the three years.


The University of Gothenburg allocated a place for the student Rawa for the academic year 2019-2020, in the Faculty of Medicine.


5 / Away from science and study, Rawa leads a band for Dabke and Kurdish folk arts in Sweden, where he managed to get with his band first place for two consecutive years in an annual festival held in Sweden.


Rawa Halabjay, who has a high degree of scientific potential, won a seat at Harvard University, where he has been in Boston for two months.



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