Children Filmfest announces lineups for short national, international films

4/8/2019 11:22:00

The 32nd International Film Festival for Children and Youth announced the lineups for the short films in national and international competition. 


Javad Hatami, Hossein Sheikhol Eslam, Nadereh Torkmani, Soheil Movafaq, and Hamed Jafari have selected the films lining up at the national section of the festival as follows.


National Short Films:

1- “Marine Boy”, Director Abbas Jalali-Yekta

2- “Rouged”, Director Morteza Asemani, Producer Majid Abbasi

3- “Wild Plum”, Director and Producer Farid Hashemzadeh 

4-“Last Class Bell”, Director and Producer Heidar Ali Rahmani Qahdarijani

5-“Safar Kelvin”, Directors Sobhan Vaqei, Ali Feizipour, Producers Mahdi Salem

6-“Horrification”, Director Milad Mohammadi, Producer Hosseini Darabi

7- “Future Story”, Director Meisam Maleki Pour, Producer Mohammad Hosseini Bozorgi Rad

8- “Wireless”, Director Mohammad Hossein Amani, Producer  Hosseini Darabi

9- “For Amir”, Director Javad Hokmi, Producer Mohammad Reza Kheradmandan

10-“Classmate”, Director Mojtaba Heidari, Producer Hossein Darabi


Jamal Omid, Mohammad Hamidi Moqadam, Dr. Raed Faridzadeh, Farzad Azhdari and Hamed Soleimanzadeh have selected the films lining up at the festival’s international section as follows:


Short Films of International Section: 

1- “Bog Hole”, Director Torfinn Iversen (Norway)

2- “Cycle-cycle”, Director Kanai Junichi (Japan)

3- “In Love With Cinema”, Director Asghar Nurakan (Kyrgyzstan)

4- “Nine Steps”, Director Moisés Romera (Spain)

5-“You Are Here”, Director Mikhail Pelisko (Russia)

6- “The Dust”, Directed by Dale Reidews (Latvia)

7-“Ronaldo”, Director Recipe Bezgoz (Turkey)

8- “Cleats”, Director Abdullah Şahin (Turkey) 

9.” Maja”, Director Marijana Jankovic (Denmark)


Presided by Alireza Tabesh, the 32nd International Film Festival for Children and Youth is slated to be held in Province of Isfahan on Aug 19-26, 2019 in the feature, short story, web series, long animation, short animation sections


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