Digital media advises Iraqi politicians

29/7/2019 12:47:00

The Digital Media Center team revealed a clear absence of the right and effective way to use the Hashtag in the twittering of the majority of politicians in Iraq on the Twitter platform.


The Center said in a statement which PUKmedia received a copy of on Monday: The Hashtag has a powerful influence in social networking sites, especially Twitter, through which the marketing of a certain idea that deliver a topic to the world after exceeding the geographical boundaries that are written in the framework of the political sparse, and sometimes it is a great help in (Free financing) to spread the buzz on a wider scale.


The center's team pointed out that some politicians' accounts use the Hashtag to ridicule in a way that is inappropriate to their status and political positions.


The Center noted the need to value the politicians to stay away from falling into the following mistakes prepared by the center rto be far away from doing "the biggest mistakes " that occur among the Iraqi politicians:


1. Using several Hashtag with the twinkle.


2 - writing lengthy Hashtag not related to the status of tweet.


3 - Using the Hashtag randomly by placing # before certain words in the tweet.


4 - not to use the Hashtag and neglect, especially in important conferences and events.





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