The Kurdistan Parliament defines the genocide of Yezidis

13/7/2019 12:08:00

The Kurdistan Parliament announced that it will hold an extraordinary session to introduce the genocide against the Yazidi component.


The Parliament of Kurdistan entered its summer vacation after extending its first legislative term for 15 days.


The parliament of Kurdistan will hold an extraordinary session to define the genocide of Kurds Yazidis, indicating that the Parliament of Kurdistan entered on its class holiday after extending its first legislative term for 15 days.


He added that the Parliament will hold two extraordinary sessions to define the massacres and genocide committed by the ISIS terrorists until the date of 3-8-2019, the day of the occupation of Sinjar by ISIS terrorists, adding that the Parliament will work on the first reading and the second draft of the Genocide Act of the component of Yezidi and definition the genocide of this component.


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