Kirkuk remembers the late artist, Hersh Fatih

12/7/2019 17:57:00

The cultural center of Kirkuk branch held Thursday evening in the hall of the Kirkuk Cultural Center, the first anniversary of the late artist Hersh Fatih in the presence of intellectuals, writers, artists, people of Kirkuk and media channels, valuing the role of the late artist in the artistic renaissance.


The ceremony began with a minute of silence for the spirit of the late artist Hersh Fatih. Then the official of the Cultural Center of Kirkuk branch Saifadin Sabir gave a speech about the late artist, in which he appreciated his role in the development of Kurdish art and pointed to the lost of a large part of our original Kurdish art.


The family of late artist Hersh Fatih said in a speech: The artist refused to sing the national anthem of the former president Saddam Hussein, despite the pressure exerted on him by the regime's agents and praised his high national spirit."


He also received the title of the first singer on the Kurdistan Region during his participation in the Northern Song Festival in the school activity hall in the city of Kirkuk in 1995. He also participated successfully in the Babylon Festival and praised by Iraqi artists such as Hamid Mansour, In Kirkuk and the Kurdistan region after 2003, calling for the installation of a statue in Kirkuk or naming a technical or cultural centers in his name.


Then the media and intellectual, Hashim Jabari pointed out that the artist, Hersh Fatih was one of the most prominent artists of the Kurds. He also mentioned that most of the artists and personalities were ashamed of me, but I was ashamed of Hersh because of his high morals.


The artist Mohammad Rauf Kirkuki described the late artist, Hersh Fatih in his speech as a great artist and stressed that he had more commitment to the dates of music during (rehearsal) and attend before all of us and then presented songs to the spirit of the late artist.


The artist, Ali Zangana presented a poem by the late artist and then presented a song for his soul.


The anniversary ceremonies of the late singer, Hersh Fatih concluded with a number of his songs for the audience.





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