Clarifications about the Indian artifacts found in Kurdistan

4/7/2019 11:03:00

The Directorate of Sulaymaniyah and Duhok artifacts denied reports on the discovery of traces of Indian in Kurdistan.


The Indian news agency reported the discovery of an Indian stone plate dating back to 2000 BC, pointing out that an Indian delegation visited the province and the area of ​​Horin in Sheikhan district, Other reports said the painting was found in the Derbendi bellola  and embodying an Indian goddess called Rama.


The director of the artifacts of Sulaymaniyah, Kamal Rashid told PUKmedia: The publication of such news aims to hit the history of the Kurds, explaining, that the Kurds are known in the history that dates back to thousands of years BC.


He stressed that the news did not come true, pointing out that publishing this misleading  news by the medias does not serve history, civilization and the future.


For his part, Dr. Hassan Mahmoud, director of the artifacts of Dohuk told PUKmedia: The news is tendentious, expressing his astonishment at the publication of the media, and Kurdish news unfounded.


He added: During the previous period, a huge archaeological sites was discovered near the district of Semel in Duhok which was dating back to the history of the Kurds, but he was denying the existence of any trace of "Indian" in Kurdistan.



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