Avichay Adraee speaks to PUKmedia: Kurds deserve to have their own land

10/9/2017 16:39:00

Since he was named Israeli Military Spokesperson, Avichay Adraee was able to compete with satellite tv channels with his Facebook page mainly to withstand against false news.

My Mahdi Majid from Brussels sent him a few questions and he gladly answered them.

*When I first saw you in Europe, you spoke a few Kurdish words. Where did you learn them?

 There are morwe thsan a 100 thousand people in Israel whose ancestors had lived in Kuristan, whom are still tied to Kurdish cultures, They are now patriotic Israeli citizens.There are also Kurdish officers serving in Israeli military. I also have Kurdish friens from abroad, you are also a Kurd and I have learned a few Kurdish wordsfrom you in Hawrami and Badini dialects.

*What is your opinion in Kurds striving for independence?

Kurdish nation is an original nation, but their land have been ling conquered. They deserve to have there land returned to them and to have a country to live in according to international morals.


*Due to geographical history between Kurdistan and Israel, we have a strong relation together. If Kurdistan gets threatened militarily, will Israel military interfere to assist Kurds?

Israeli military is called Isralei Defence Force, but it doesn’t only defend Israel, it also defends Israeli allies if necessary.

*What methods are used to train and teach Israeli Defence Force that made one of the highest ranking military forced in thwe world? What advices do you have for Peshmarga Forces?

An Israeli soldier is disciplined on a simple posture with a deep meaning, which is “Know who you are, where you are coming from, and where you are going. This teaches them good manners and teaches them to serve and defend their country better.I hope the same for Peshmarga forces.

*In a meeting with Russian tv RT, you said that thwere are a few Arabic Countries with which Israel has bilateral agreements. What are those countries?

THst is a political subject, I’m a military personnel. I don’t see it right to interfere in political subject but lets just say that a lot of people know who thise countries are.

*Who runs your social media pages and how do you deal with negative comments and posts directed at you?

Mostly, soldiers under my command assist me on running the pages, but nothing is posted in my name without my confirmation. I answer the private messages myself and my only answer to the hate negaticity is laughter.

*What difference do you see between Arabic and Israeli medias?

I see that mostly schemes are used while running Arabic medias which its aim is to strike fear in to the hearts of thwir own citizens, unlike Isaeli medias.

*Is Israel a Deist or religious country?

I see Israel as an open country that supports all types of personal beliefs.

*Is Avichay Adraee a religious person?

Thank God I follow the culture of eating Halal food and sanctifying Saturdays and fasting as a Jew, but Im not Shekh Faikhar like ive been called on Social Medias.

Mahdi Majid
Interpretation by Meer Nahro Barznji



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