Halabja… you will never be forgotten

16/3/2017 11:50:00

At 11 am sharp, Kurdistan Region had raised, Kurds and Arabs stood side by side to honor the memory of Halabja massacre.
After 29 years, Halabja is still in the hearts of every human being who refuses the brutal and criminal chemical attack on innocent civilians which killed in minutes 5,000 people - mainly women and children - died on the day, and up to 12,000 have lost their lives since.
This was the first time in human history that a government commits such a massacre against their own people.
The result of the chemical warfare attack on Halabja was one of the worst sights to be seen. Everywhere there were huddled bodies, lying in the street, sheltering against walls.
Many of them were protecting someone else, who was also dead: a baby, a child, a wife. 
Today, every province, city, street and every house is morning over the tragic day of March 16, 1988.
Halabja… you will never be forgotten.
Rawaa Samer


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