Dr. Ferdinand's DNA project 'will change the way Kurds see their own identity'

1/3/2017 13:29:00
     Dr. Ferdinand Hennerbichler in PUKmedia Office

Dr. Ferdinand Hennerbichler is recently working on a DNA project to detect the real Origins of Kurds, he believes that the Kurds are "Indigenous, and founders of civilization in the Middle East who were later Iranianized" defeating the most famous theory regarding the origins of Kurds which indicates that they are the children of the Medians, and as a historian Dr. Hennerbichler couldn't believe that theory.
Kurds are a nation that absorbed migrants including Iranians that they got their language from, but Dr. Ferdinand thought that there must be a difference between those people who brought Kurds their language and their own indigenous homeland people.
Later, Dr. Hennerbichler was asked if his DNA project would affect the perspectives of civilization's development. He said that this finding will change "the way Kurds see their own identity", his project is leading to a substantial fact that the Kurds are a founder of civilizations like the Aryans and Sumerians.
Further elaborating, "Kurds were not immigrants, they are Master of their own country, and they are master civilization. The Kurds had been here all along and had absorbed other civilizations, but in a leading way, not in a second class way.".

Dr. Hennerbichler expressed his impressions regarding the Kurds and their nature by likening them to the Austrians as both people have similar habits like skiing, having a great sense of humor and "eating a lot of meat", but most importantly; Kurds and Austrians had to fight for their rights, freedom, democracy and social justice. 
It is worth mentioning that the First Austrian Republic was established in 1919 after years of straggling under the Austrian-Hungarian rule.
Both the Kurds and Austrians ware victims of the World War One, as foreigners had divided the land of Kurds.     
"We have a similar culture, which makes us sympathetic to each other", "most of my friends are Kurds and I regard them as my best friends". 
Editor's Note: the complete interview will be published soon.
Rawaa Samer
Meer Nahro Barznji


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