The real Person behind Mam Jalal's most iconic Picture… Ferdinand La Kurd

15/2/2017 13:44:00

PUKmedia had an exclusive interview with Dr. Ferdinand Hennerbichler, discussed his special relations with Mam Jalal and Kurds, his recent DNA project regarding the origins of Kurds and his craving wish for Kurdistan Region.
Dr. Ferdinand Hennerbichler is an Austrian Historian, former Diplomat and a Journalist. He graduated from the University of Vienna, studied History, German philology, Linguistics and Philosophy. Got his Philosophy PHD from Vienna University and had an Honorary Doctorate from University of Slemani.
In 1979 near the county of Sardasht, Dr. Hennerbichler captured the most iconic photo of Mam Jalal were he was sitting on a ladder, he was asked during the interview with PUKmedia, if it occured to him while capturing that photo if it will be that iconic, and he said "No"
Adding "Honestly I did not direct Mam Jalal to do anything so I could take the photo, I did not ask him to sit down on this ladder in the middle of chicken around us picking in the sand". That particular incident showed how humble Mam Jalal and down to earth Pearson despite being a leader, intellectual and an educated politician, he just wanted to sit down, Dr. Hennerbichler wanted to get him a chair but he just sat on the ladder wearing his Peshmerga uniform showing that he is equal to everybody else.
Ferdinand Hennerbichler had only one request; that the name of "Ferdinand La Kurd" would be written on that photo. He had given this photo to Kurdish friends and asked them to publish them with a request of writing his name on it, but that was not fulfilled till this day.
Then he described the circumstances which accompanied taking the photo "it was in November 1979 in a small town located near Sardasht, there are small mountain villages, we stayed in a small village, it was one nice community house, at the time I was coming from Tehran because I was Tehran correspondent, there were efforts to find a peaceful dialog between the Kurdish leaders, in particular Dr. Abdulrahman Qasimlo, Sheikh Izaddin Husseini and Dariush Forouhar, he was the Minister of Labor, he was a very social minded man, I liked him very much, Dariush told me in Iran that he was not a Kurd but he learned Kurdish in prison, he was very sympathetic to the Kurds, Mam Jalal later told me, Dariush addressed Mam Jalal, “You see, there is a foreigner here, we agreed there would be no foreigner no press, and Mam Jalal said don’t worry this is Ferdinand the Kurd the Kurdish Austrian, don’t  worry he will not publish anything, Dariush agreed.”
Later on Mr. Dariush asked Mam Jalal, “What are you doing here?" He answered "as an honest Kurdish leader, like we are all here, I came from Iraq to help and to assist a Kurdish friend, and you as well, I am trying to mediate and find a peaceful solution, good for you, good for the Kurds, and I'm trying my best".
Mr. Daruish was warred that they could all be killed as they were in a very dangers area, Mam Jalal assured him that they were safe by ordering all Peshmerga fighters around them to stand from their bushes, at that point Mr. Daruish was relived and said “OK we can start negotiating.”

Editor's Note: the name of Ferdinand La Kurd was added to the Photo of Mam Jalal which Dr. Hennerbichler took as a tribute for his long friendship with the Kurds. (The total interview will be published soon).
Rawaa Samer
Meer Nahro Barznji


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