Dr. Hanna Jaff Bosdet receives honorary doctorate degree from Mexican Congress

11/8/2014 19:06:00
     Dr. Hanna Jaff Bosdet receives honorary doctorate degree from Mexican Congress

The Doctoral Faculty of Mexico; at the " Legislators Republic Hall” this Congressional Chamber of Deputies of the Union; through the Department of Higher Education and Graduate School of the Analytical Constructivist University of Mexico, the Department of International Relations, under the statutes stated by the Protocol Directive, the Collegiate Body, the Academic Committee and the World Council, according to our principles, purposes and regulations following the protocols of the Secretariat of Education & the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

In recognition of its excellent performance and outstanding leadership in its Altruist, Cultural, Social work, have agreed to designate an Honorary Doctorate Degree by Mexico title to:

Dr. Hanna Jaff Bosdet

Motivating to personally receive this "Recognition" with Honors has been programmed from the Legislature Congress, before the Doctoral Board of Mexico "; to be held in the next Solemn Ceremony September 30, 2014 at 10:00 pm in Mexican Senate House.

Hanna Jaff is the youngest person to receive this recognition in Mexico. Mexican Congress only delivers this recognition once a year. Kurdistan is proud of Hanna; she never forgot where she came from. She is a strong woman that arrived to Mexico one year and a half ago and has already achieved so much in so little time.

Hanna Jaff Bosdet, Kurdish father and Mexican mother, granddaughter of Dawood Beg Jaff and descendent of Mohamed Pasha Jaff, king of Kurdistan region and Jaff Tribe in the eighteenth century. Hanna Jaff has done many things to put Kurdistan name high, make Kurds proud, and motivate women to follow her steps. She is currently National Secretary General of the Expression Youth Revolutionary of the ruling party Institutional Revolutionary Party, where previously she served as Undersecretary of Immigrants. Born in San Diego, California, and lived in Tijuana, where most of her maternal family lives. She is 27 years old. Has a master’s degree from Harvard University; bachelor’s degree from National University of San Diego; and studies from Columbia University in New York, Tecnológico de Monterrey and La Sorbonne in Paris. Hanna founded the Jaff Foundation for Education, which has made twenty beneficial events since its inception with offices in the Mexican states of Baja California, San Luis Potosi, and Mexico City. She has done so much for Kurdistan Awareness in Mexico, for example: hosting a Kurdish Festival in Mexico with 80,000 Mexicans attended (the largest ever made outside of Kurdistan), spent large periods of time in Kurdistan visiting numerous universities and associations motivating women and youths, invited Kurdish delegates to Mexico to sit with high Mexican politicians to open relationship with Kurds and Mexicans, involved Ms. Kurdistan in the beauty pageant Miss United Continent, visited Syrian Refugee Camps in Kurdistan and making many statements on the camps conditions, and donated a Mohamed Pasha Jaff Statue to Mexico City that is now placed in a popular area ‘Bosque’s de las Lomas.” Hanna is also a conference speaker on issues of women and youth, present in twenty-eight occasions in seven states in Mexico. She has written three books, two are English Learning Manuals one for Kurdish speakers the other for Spanish Speakers, that are now published and thousands of copies have been donated to the less fortunate.


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