Interview with Lavin Hama Miss Iraq in USA

4/12/2013 11:22:00
     Lavin Hama Miss Iraq in USA

"Intelligence is beauty" a phrase that can change your thoughts about the Beauty Pageants, it's not about how beautiful you are or how tall, it's about intelligence, being active in your society and supporting a cause.
An interview with Miss Lavin Umid Hama, the Kurdish girl who had won Miss Iraq in the United States of America for 2013 had revealed an inside information about the pageant and our dear Miss Lavin Umid Hama.  
 The following is the interview:
Dear Miss Lavin Umid Hama, At first we (PUKmedia staff) would like to congratulate you on your glorious wining of the Miss Iraq Contest in the United States of America and would like to ask you a few questions regarding your participation at the beauty pageant:
 As a Kurdish girl, was it challenging to participate in such an event?
 Well, considering I was the only Kurdish girl out of the 15 girls, I was a little nervous to be compared to the others. However, it was not challenging considering I’m pretty good with people and my ambition and pride to represent Kurds in this event always helped me keep my head held high!
What are your duties after winning the pageant?
My main focus is to work on woman and children’s rights. I will be participating in different events in different organizations to be able to fight for their rights. These events will be in America and also back in Iraq when I go back home. As Miss Iraq 2013 I will always represent my fellow Kurdish brothers and sisters. Hopefully this is merely a beginning to a beautifully long never ending journey.
What inspired you to participate the beauty pageant?
 To be honest, when my father whom was invited to go watch the pageant asked me to participate in it, I was a little skeptical about participating simply because my school work might be effected with my Final Exams coming up. However, my mother urged me to participate because there were so many different Iraqi cultures participating; I had to represent my beautiful home land, my Kurdistan.
On what circumstances the beauty queen is selected?
The beauty queen wasn’t only selected based on looks. Intelligence, youthfulness, and the way the questions were answered played a major role in selecting Miss Iraq.
What does it take to keep your beauty and shaped body?
Keeping beauty simply takes willpower because beauty comes in all forms. Im not going to say that beauty is only skin deep, or that beauty comes from within. Beauty is what you perceive it to be, and what you want it to be. if you look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful, then you are beautiful. You don't need makeup and stiff, shaped hair to be beautiful. I go to the gym every day except for Sundays, despite my busy hectic schedule jut in order to stay in shape and healthy.
How much time did you need to prepare yourself for the pageant, and what helped you the most in this process?
 I only had a week and a half to get my dresses, to get everything today. My mother really helped me so much through the entire process, she was my back bone and also my mentor. Not only has she always been there for me as a mother, but she’s also been my best friend.
How your parents, friends supported your participation in the beauty pageant?
 My parents and friends have been by my side, and have motivated me so much throughout the entire process. I couldn’t be more grateful. They’ve been so supportive of me. Not only were my parents and friends supportive, but a few men that’s is a part of the Kurdish Community council from Nashville Tennessee drove all the way out to Chicago just to support the girl that’s representing Kurds in Miss Iraq 2013. They stood by my side like brothers and I couldn’t be more happy and grateful.
Do you think that such events can participate in making the world a better place?
 Of course, We all have voices, events like these helps other people hear what we have to say. It was an amazing experience that will be with me forever, and in time inshallah things will get better slowly. It’s simply a process all we need is time, patience and ambition to actually go out and participate in events like these that will open many doors to the community.
At the end, do you have any tips for the girls at your age who want to have your fresh look?
 Intelligence is beauty! Like I had mentioned before, it’s not about the prettiest or the tallest, it's about how aware we are. Ladies be more involved, know and be aware of your surroundings. Get in touch with your culture and be aware of what is happening in every day-to-day lives of civilians. The world is what YOU make it. You have a voice, and pageants and events like these are an opportunity for it to finally be heard.


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