Tawhid and Jihad brigade Commander surrenders to YPG

30/10/2013 08:46:00
     Tawhid and Jihad brigade surrenders to YPG

Hasakah province: It has been confirmed that the commander of the Tawhid and Jihad brigade in al-Hasakah has surrendered his group’s weapons to the YPG after they surrounded the group in the Jel Agha (Jawadiya) area. The weapons include a tank, 2 multiple rocket launchers, 4x4s with manned machine-guns, mortars and mortar launchers and others. The SOHR has more details about the surrender that it will not publish for the time being. The brigade has previously denied and refuted on Arabic news channels the SOHR reports on the YPG control of the Ya’rubiya border crossing. The YPG has for 2 days been in full control of the crossing and the town, through the assistance of local Arab clans. Tawhid and Jihad have released a statement recently, 25/10/2013, that it will put all of its capabilities to fight with the ISIS and its allies against the YPG.

Several sources confirm that the YPG have yesterday taken over the Tal Allo grain silos, in the Jel Agha (Jawadiya) area. the airforce bombarded the area as well, reports that 5 gunmen from an Arab clan were killed. The YPG also took over several villages in the Jal ugh (Jawadiya) area last night. Reports that a car exploded in the village of Jelbarat, by the Terbeh Sabih (Qahtaniya) area; preliminary reports that several people were injured and that some people who were in the car were killed.

Aleppo province: Clashes broke out between the Ahrar al-Sham Islamic battalion, the ISIS, al-Mathta martyrs battalion and some rebel factions from one side and popular defence committees from the other in the perimeter of the Nubbul and al-Zahra’ towns, reports of human losses from both sides. Clashes are ongoing between the ISIS, al-Nusra, Ahrar al-Sham and al-Baz from one side and YPG fighters from the other in the Jalbar Kurdish village which the ISIS took hold of last night, 1 al-Nusra fighter was killed by the clashes. There are yet conflicting reports as to who is in control of the village.

Footage of a Tunisian foreign fighter in Syria desecrating and destroying a statue of the Virgin Mary. We at the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights strongly condemn such crimes which damage Syria, its people, and the values of freedom, dignity and equality which its revolution aspired to. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxJR_IGsATs&feature=youtu.be

al-Hasaka province: The YPG announced in a statement that it gained full control over the villages of Tal A’lo Ghamer, Abu Hajar, Kari Fati, Karhouk, al-Yusufiya, al-Jneidiya, the al-Sawame’ area, the Dajla oil company and the fields in Reef Jal A’gha suburb.

Raqqah province: Clashes by the 93rd battalion in the Ein Issa area. Clashes took place last night between the YPG and rebels, supported by ISIS and al-Nusra, by the villages of Sosak and Beirkino, west of Tal Abyad city. Activists report that 2 rebels, including a rebel group leader, were killed by the clashes. ISIS and allied fighters bombarded the village of Qeiz, in the western countryside, causing material damage but no reports of human losses.

The airforce bombarded the Furusiya area, west Raqqah city; no reports on the number of losses. The airforce also bombarded the outskirts of al-Tabqah city, several people were injured. There were clashes early today on the outskirts between regime and rebel forces.

Source: supportkurds.org


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