Clinton production company adopts Daughters of Kobani

HiddenLight Productions, the prodco started by Hillary and Chelsea Clinton and Sam Branson, has acquired the rights to adapt Gayle Tzemach Lemmon’s book The Daughters of Kobani for television.


Drawing upon hundreds of hours of interviews and on-the-ground reporting, The Daughters of Kobani is the story of an all-female Kurdish militia who took on ISIS in Northern Syria and won.


The book, due to be published by Penguin Press on February 16, will be developed as a TV drama series.


HiddenLight was founded in December with offices in London, New York and LA. The company is led by executive chair Roma Khanna and CEO Johnny Webb.


The Daughters of Kobani project follows HiddenLight’s Gutsy W...
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First Kurd receives COVID vaccine in Denmark

Dr. Shad Rashid is the first Kurd in Denmark to receive the coronavirus vaccine .


"I received the vaccine in Denmark, on 12/28/2020, which was provided first to doctors and h...

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