The world's largest amphibian is this newly discovered giant salamander

A giant salamander that once lived in the London Zoo and was later on display at the Natural History Museum represents a new species that may be the world's largest amphibian.


This finding is part of a larger discovery about the diversity of Chinese giant salamanders, separating what was once thought of as a single species into three distinct species. A study detailing the new species was published Monday in the journal Ecology and Evolution.


Giant salamanders once lived across central, southern and eastern China. The species Andrias davidianus, known as the Chinese giant salamander, reach a length of 3.7 feet and 110 pounds. Now, the wild populations are critically depleted. Learning more about them could help to save the salamanders, the r...
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KRG Representative in Poland at the Economic Forum

Ziyad Raoof KRG Representative in Poland participated in 29 th edition of the Economic Forum in Krynica (Poland). It is one of the biggest political and economic conference in East- Central Europe ...

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A political analyst: The subject of the disappeared will be raised for electoral campaigns

Political analyst, Wathiq al-Hashemi stressed that the subject of the disappeared and missing in Iraq cannot be resolved, pointing out that raising it is a part of the election campaigns.


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Displaced persons: 2019 will be one of the worst years on record

Natural disasters have already forced 7 million people from their homes in 2019. Experts expect the number to triple by the end of the year as mass displacement becomes "the norm."

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