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A Kurd becomes leading actor of a German film

A Kurd from Khurmatu town of Garmian Administration, Southwest of Sulaymaniyah, has participated in a German film as one of the main characters of the film.


Delschad Numan Khorschid was born in 1983 in Mahwi village of Dawda district in Garmian Administration and finished his 3rd year of elementary school there, but later he was cut of from school due to the Anfal campaign of former Iraqi Ba'ath regime against the Kurds, where he lost his father and his uncle during the campaign. He and the rest of his family had to flee Iraq to survive and later in 2001 he headed to Germany and began studying again, where he managed to get into Art Department in a German Academy. He finished his studies in 2016 and signed a contract with the oldest European theater, the "mittelsa...
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Commemoration of 3 Kurdish activists shot in Paris

Thursday, Kurds saluted the seventh anniversary of the assassination of 3 Kurdish women activists in France.


The crime took place on January 9, 2013, targeting 3 female Kurdi...

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Quarantined citizen in Sulaymaniyah: services provided are impossible for major countries

One of the citizens inside a quarantine center in the city of Sulaymaniyah said that what the medical and administrative staff provide is not possible for major countries to provide, and that the q...

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‘Wash Our Hands? Some People Can’t Wash Their Kids for a Week.’

In northwestern Syria, where a million people who have fled the civil war are sheltering in muddy tent camps and abandoned buildings, the spread of the coronavirus could wreak untold disaster on a ...

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