Kurdistan Parliament thanks Dutch, Belgian parliaments for recognizing Yazidis genocide

Genocide‌‌ 09:14 PM - 2021-07-17


Dr. Rewaz Faeq, Speaker of the Parliament of Kurdistan, sent a letter of thanks to the Dutch and Belgian parliaments, for recognizing the crimes committed against the Yazidis as genocide.


The text of the letter said:


"On behalf of the Kurdistan Parliament, I extend my sincere thanks to Vera Bergkamp, the Dutch parliament Speaker, for voting on July 6, to define the crimes committed against the Yazidis as genocide. I also thank Eliane Tillieux , speaker of the Belgian parliament for recognizing the genocide against the Yazidis on July 15, wishing that these positions would become a source for the trial of the criminals and compensation for the Yazidis affected, and the reconstruction of their areas, and that the step would usher in strong relations.


I hope that this result will become lesson for the criminals so that such kinds of massacres will never occur again.


In also hope that this holy step would create a stronger bond for the development of the relationship between the Kurdistan Parliament and the parliaments of the Netherland and Belgium."


The 2014 ascendance of the Islamic State and the subsequent violent assault on the Yazidi-majority city of Sinjar led to the displacement of hundreds of thousands of members of the community. Most of them fled to the Kurdistan Region, while others resettled to neighboring countries in the region or to Western states.


Others were not as lucky and remained stranded in the war zone, where they were subjected to atrocities and mass executions at the hands of the extremist group for years. ISIS militants forced women and girls into sexual slavery; kidnapped their children; forced religious conversions; executed scores of men; and abused, sold, and trafficked women and girls across the areas they controlled in Iraq and Syria.


According to the United Nations, terrorists have kidnapped thousands of Yazidi women and teenage girls who have been subjected to horrific atrocities, such as rape, beatings, torture, enslavement and other forms of inhumane treatment.


According to the Kurdistan Regional Government, the terrorists kidnapped more than 6,400 Yazidis, only half of them managed to escape or survive, while the fate of the rest is still unknown.





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