The Great Mosque of Khurmal, a national treasure

Relics‌‌ 11:08 AM - 2021-07-11


The great mosque of Khurmal is one of the ancient mosques of Kurdistan which is located in Khurmal district which is a small historic town in Halabja province. 


This mosque and its minaret were created by Abdullah, the grandson of the second caliph Alkattab, during the Hasanwayhids era (959-1015), it has been renewed eight times, but it still needs more attention.


some interesting facts about this mosque:


1/ In 1933, King Faisal I visited Sheikh Hisamadin in this mosque. 


2/ In 1941, The poet Piramerd visited the mosque and wrote a poem about it: 

  ده‌وری ئه‌سحابان سێ مزگه‌وت كران

  یه‌كه‌م له‌ نگڵ دووه‌م له‌ كرمان

  سێیه‌م له‌ خورماڵ سه‌رچاوه‌ی كوردان

'In the poem, Piramerd mentions three ancient mosques in Negel, Kerman, and Khurmal.'


3/Shakir Fatah also visited the great mosque of Khurmal from his important trip to Halabja in 1933.


Meanwhile, the Great mosque is in a bad condition, it needs more attention from the authorities and should have been made a tourist destination for visitors. 





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