Kurdish woman wins 2021 Diana award

Kurds Abroad‌‌‌‌ 07:32 PM - 2021-07-06


A young Kurdish woman from Western Kurdistan, Rudi Ali, won the British International Prize "Princess Diana", which is designated for workers in the service of social and humanitarian work for the year 2021.


Rudi Ali, the daughter of the city of Afrin, a refugee who lives in the city of Münster, said in a comment on her honor in a Facebook post: “I am happy and proud to announce to you today that I won the international  “Princess Diana 2021” award, which is the highest honor that young people can achieve for service of social, humanitarian and voluntary work efforts on a global level.


Rudi Ali noted that "the award was created in memory of Princess Diana, Princess of Wales, for her belief that young people have the power to change society through her charitable foundation bearing her name, and is now supported by her two sons, Duke of Cambridge Prince William and Duke of Sussex Prince Harry."


Rudi has always worked in activities with civil society organizations, helping women, girls and new immigrants to solve their problems and obstacles they face inside the camps.


Because of her good potential in management and integration, and her ability to improve the lives of others, she was chosen last year as a member of the city council in which she lives.





Burhan Amin reported from Germany 

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