ISIS attack in Al Anbar Governorate

Iraq 11:31 AM - 2020-04-27

ISIS attack in Al Anbar Governorate

The Security Media Cell on Monday, announced that a terrorist was killed and others were wounded in clashes between security force and terrorist elements in Anbar Province.


The cell said in a brief statement, followed by PUKmedia: "A terrorist group on Sunday, attacked a village in Al-Walid district in Anbar Governorate and kidnapped a person, and the security force from the fourth brigade of the first division immediately intervened and clashed with the terrorist elements and managed to kill a terrorist and wounding others."


"Following this clash, Sheikh Talal Matar Al-Amsi, his brother and his wife were wounded, and they were taken to hospital for treatment, and Sheikh Talal Matar Al-Amsi was died later," the statement added.



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