Talabani asks France to assist the Kurdistan Region

Kurdistan 07:22 PM - 2019-05-07


Qubad Talabani, Deputy Prime Minister of Kurdistan Region and a delegation from the French Ministry of Finance reached an understanding on assisting the Kurdistan Regional Government in the areas of budgeting, auditing and supervision of expenses and organizing taxes in the next stage.


This came during a meeting between Qubad Talabani and the delegation of the International Assistance Department in the French Ministry of Finance on Tuesday 7/5/2019 in the city of Erbil, where the French delegation promised during the meeting to send French specialists to the Kurdistan Region within two months to give consultation to the regional government.


Qubad Talabani stressed that ending the government budget deficit needs staff training and amend old laws.


The two sides also confirmed to make the departments and institutions in the Kurdistan Regional Government electronic and reform in the form of collecting taxes which is a common problem of the provincial government and the federal government.


During the meeting, it was decided that by starting the new government of the Kurdistan Region, the French will organize an expanded seminar with the government to assist the region in the financial files related to the budget and expenses and disbursing them correctly.


On the other side of the meeting, the Deputy Prime Minister of Kurdistan Region pointed to the importance of agricultural and tourism sectors and the need to pay attention to them in future budgets.






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