Autonomous government of Kobani Canton declared

Announcement 06:52 PM - 2014-01-27

Declaration of Kobani Canton Administration

Following the announcement of Cizire Canton in Western Kurdistan, which declared its Autonomous Government on January 21st, today, January 27th, people are celebrating the official declaration of the second canton, Kobani Canton.

In today's meeting of Kobani Canton's Legislative Council of the Autonomous administration, the Kobani Canton Administration was declared which consists of 6 political parties, movements, and a bunch of independent politicians.

According to the Firat News Agency, in the meeting, the President of Kobani Canton with his two deputies and 22 ministers took oath of the Administration Offices.

Here are the names of the Kobani Canton President, his deputies and his administration ministers:

Anwar Muslim- the President of the Council of Kobani's Autonomous administration 'prime minister'

Khalid Brkl Mahamad & Berivan Hassan- the Deputies of the Prime Minister

1.    Ebrahim Kurdo- the Minister of Foreign Relations
2.    Esmat Shekh Hassan- the Minister of Defense
3.    Ahmad Osman Dalil- the Minister of Interior
4.    Mustafa Ebdi Mahamad- the Minister of Regional Commissions and Municipalities
5.    Eliya Said- the Minister of Finance
6.    Mahmud Bashiri Bashar- the Minister Labor and Social Security
7.    Hussain Mahamad Ali- the Minister of Education
8.    Gulistan Ati Bki- the Minister of Agriculture
9.    Dr. Neesan Ahmad- the Minister of Health
10.    Mahamad Bozan Muslm- the Minister of Trade and Economy
11.    Mohamad Sh'ban- the Minister of Martyrs’ Families
12.    Ebdulrazaq Ali- the Minister of Culture
13.    Ryad tamo Mstafa- the Minister of transportation
14.    Wlat Darwesh Darwesh- the Minister of Youth and Sport
15.    Media hamo Ganjo- the Minister of History and Tourism
16.    Mhamad Zahir Mustafa- The Minister of Religious Affairs
17.     Wahida Omar- the Minister of Women and Family Affairs
18.    Faruq Shahin- the Minister of Human Rights
19.    Ahmad Daban- the Minister of Supervision
20.    Shavin Mahamad- the Minister Information
21.    Ewas Mhamad- the Minister of Justice
22.    Fazil Mstafa Ahmad- the Ministry of Energy

As the Kurds in Westren Kurdistan declared a self- rule by dividing the region to 3 cantons, Cizire, Kobani, and Afrin, we have seen the official declaration of only two. It is expected that next week, Afrin will officially declare its Autonomous Administration as the 3rd canton.

The division of Rojava to three cantons has been decided by the Legislative Council of the Autonomous Government of Western Kurdistan 'Rojava'


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