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Definition and submission of the book 'Mam Jalal national symbol of the Kurds'

The decree for presenting "Mam Jalal, the National Symbol of the Kurds" written and prepared by journalist Hozan Afrini, and of publications of PUKmedia website coinciding with the second anniversary of the death of the deceased President Mam Jalal.


The book deals with the history of President Mam Jalal and his struggle infor decades, in addition to the views of a number of Arab and Turkish writers and intellectuals in the character of Mam Jalal and his role in the Kurdistan Region and parts of Kurdistan, Iraq and the region. The book is in Kurmanji dialect and Latin letters.


About the book, writer Hozan Afrin told PUKmedia that it talks about the struggle of Mam Jalal at different stages, his diplomatic efforts for the people of Kurdistan and solving problems, explaining that Mam Jalal as a symbol of the Kurdish nation and his prominent role in peacemaking in Turkey for many years, as well as for the deceased's role in supporting the first Kurdish party was established in northern Syria and western Kurdistan in 1957.


He added: The book is an attempt to include aspects of the struggles of President Mam Jalal, which is very important, especially for the people of Kurdistan in the West and the North and Latin speakers, stressing that President Mam Jalal has charisma won the admiration and praise of the heads and leaders of the world, as he was able to put the Kurds and tthe different components under one roof with his usual skill and policy for peace for his people, the region and the world.



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