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A new version .. Summary of the history of the Jews in Kurdistan

The book of Barzan Ahmad Kurd under the slogan "Summary of the History of the Jews in Kurdistan," was published in Arabic and Kurdish, and contains 270 pages of 4 sections and other topics.


The book deals with the history of the Jews and the relations between them and the other components of South Kurdistan, their history, the number of Jews in Israel, their areas of residence, geography of Israel, their customs and traditions, and various other axes that deal with the history of the Jews in Kurdistan.


The same book was translated by Omar Rasul Shinki translated into Arabic, issued by Dar Karo suit Kushiba that Printed 2000 copies in Kurdish and 1000 copies in Arabic,


The book is a category of historical research about the history of the Jews in Kurdistan and their geographical distribution that constitutes the interest researcher and reader in general to know the history of the Jews.





A Kurdish guy saves the lives of 6 people

A Kurdish guy from Raniya is called a hero for saving the lives of 6 people in UK.


A fire broke out in a car carrying six people on a road in the UK. At the time, a Kurdish g...

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Taimur of Anfal: Survivor of the Samawa mass graves

Taimur Abdulla Ahmed, known as Taimor of Anfal, is one of the survivors of the Anfal crimes committed by Saddam Hussein's regime against the people of Kurdistan in the 1980s.


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UN report: 6.7 million Iraqis need international assistance

A UN report revealed that 6,700,000 Iraqis are in need of international humanitarian protection and assistance.


According to a report published by the United Nations Office f...

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