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A German journalist writes a book about the Kurds

After a visit to the Kurdistan Region, a female German journalist writes a book about the Kurdish People and Peshmerga’s role.


Kristin Rudolf, is a female German journalist and after visiting Kurdistan decided to write a novel about the Kurds under the name of “Reise ins Reich Des Adlers” (Journey to the Kingdom of the Eagles).


In her novel, Kristin talked about the Kurds and Kurdistan with highlighting the bravery of Peshmerga.


Kristin is a military journalist in Germany and wrote many books about the German army. She regards herself as a close friend of Kurds.



PUKmedia – Burhan Amin


A Kurdish guy saves the lives of 6 people

A Kurdish guy from Raniya is called a hero for saving the lives of 6 people in UK.


A fire broke out in a car carrying six people on a road in the UK. At the time, a Kurdish g...

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Taimur of Anfal: Survivor of the Samawa mass graves

Taimur Abdulla Ahmed, known as Taimor of Anfal, is one of the survivors of the Anfal crimes committed by Saddam Hussein's regime against the people of Kurdistan in the 1980s.


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UN report: 6.7 million Iraqis need international assistance

A UN report revealed that 6,700,000 Iraqis are in need of international humanitarian protection and assistance.


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