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Anfal poison winds

Name of the book : Anfal poison winds
Author- Abdallah Karim Mahmoud
Issuance of the Directorate-General printing and publication of the Ministry
Culture in Kurdistan Iraq Sulaymaniyah
Year of Publication : 2002.

Tragedy. part of the history of the Kurds, and Major Disasters is Another part of the history of this people, which has long lived under the weight Aggressor and the rule of foreigners who have not showed, they never faltered days In the murder and plundering and to find ways to dislodge roots. But solidly mountains and harsh nature of the Kurds able to resist this Wind yellow and stay in Khokh Mahtlehm eyes.

Not only where supporters will know, the inexhaustible capacity To continue the struggle and to continue the revolution of life more than half Century. However, did not spare the Kurdish people in the redemption and sacrifice Which caused surprise and puzzlement when used against enemies who are Labadth superior technology, and most wars, including the Psychological warfare. That is to say nothing of the ethnic cleansing campaigns since Decades of genocide )Aljinosaid) and the weapons denied internationally. With this and that,  The Kurdish people in the territory, began today survive what had been destroyed by the Campaigns and wars inhumane.

This book, which we are reading today or companion Rather let Midh Mr. Abdullah Karim Mahmoud, a book Historical documentary record of an era of black and tragic life of this People, the book begins with a comprehensive definition of the Anfal operations and end Of these campaigns. Then comes the writer mentioned stages Anfal Location since 1963, human massacres, executions Collectively, the book also mentioned the ongoing campaigns against deportation Kurds Alviliin Albarzaniin, and the destruction of villages and towns Kurdish and towns since the beginning of the revolution armed Kurdish Thus During a historical account of the rapid arrived in the Kurdish tragedy Summit Of the bombing of the town of Halabja with chemical weapons in addition To the villages and towns were subjected to other gases Chemical, the writer cited thematically documents and maps And the number of brigades and the detachments participating in these operations, which Holl historically proven crime of the Anfal campaign and the first to - End-eighth, where the author portrays those campaigns in a language Balvoaja full story, backed by figures and statistics The documentation makes it so that the reader is following those events Eagerly. That the language of the narrative compelling and make the reader imagine that the Kurdistan in the era of the masses of fire and flames Wimmer Kurds where the most serious stage of the historic The writer begins on page 25 introduced the villages and the number of casualties Which included the Anfal campaign in the eighth Bhdinan The number of 13 thousand people and destroyed 775 villages with the figures and statistics Ancient and modern those areas. The writer devoted a chapter of the situation Almenfelin passes by the remnants. Then came the tragedy of Halabja 16 March 1988 and begin a historical presentation of the city and the bereaved The surroundings of Horaman Shaharzor taking of statements from view Hall catastrophic disaster inhuman relying on those Documents seized during and after the uprising.

The writer is in the details of these processes and end Long-term strategy and the types of gases Used in a timely and remnants of the effects today.

This book sheds light on the industry to chemical weapons Iraq and the types produced by factories Iraqi weapons The study was conducted subsequently to those infected Weapons. The book appeared in the document on behalf of foreign experts Iraq who participated in the manufacture of these deadly weapons, and The corresponding stories that occurred during the tragic chemical Lahlbjeh presented compelling images prove the truth of the tragedy and the situation Clamour created by these chemical gases and Gases that each one of them so that the impact varies from Another impact of gas and those facts are taken from witnesses Who miraculously survived the disaster that has become the key expose these crimes against the Kurds. It was stated in the book Statements of newspapers and agencies in the world for this period Catastrophe. After the book reveals catastrophic tragedies due Halabja Writer on page 90 detachments to remain in Kurdistan During the Anfal campaigns and some leaders of the Union Bishmaraka Kurdish National Azad of the martyr and the martyr Horami Mahmoud Anze Mamah, where the historic and heroic era In the history of the Kurdish movement as a whole, and there are clips and stories Realistic chilling to the body, used by the writer from interviews Newspaper lived with that dark period, Donowa events The photo or daily notes. The reaction to the book stories The martyrs who sacrificed their ultimate sacrifice and what they are good Martyr Koistani and martyr viral spray and other martyrs heroes.

This chapter competent detachment left struggling and fighting the enemy which proves much tenacity and determination to resist the Kurds Invaders, who while the enemy army are of the strongest Systems of the world supported by the East and West, an army of the deadliest Armies of modern times, but the men beat those facts The wall and fight the deadliest and most powerful weapon is a weapon Faith, belief and the untold write, but reading careful of this chapter makes reader to be satisfied that the Kurds They will not relent, is a testament to what I am saying is this chapter Who did not read books revolutions and movements of other peoples,  This resistance was not inferior to resist Vietnamese And the people of Cuba, Chicago, but unfortunately did not include those events In the form required. The facts only in the issuance of code The memory of the horrors of that era, Rebaz Vasitorh martyr and his companions S lies in the potential of hundreds of heroic stories that lift Curtain by writer Abdullah Karim Mahmoud through research Patient and follow-up service provided by the facts of history Kurdish Unveiling of the championships charisma. On account of these facts Period also highlighted the important aspects of the life of martyr Hildene Ghraib legend other myths of the National Union Malahmeh Kurdistan and the heroic stand of history monarchy In front of his hero and his comrades this

I did not imagine before that manpower could provide all These wonders and sacrifice in order to achieve national duty. But Embedded in this book (winds Anfal poison) one gets The greatness and pride of Kurdish human sacrifices, and unworthy It might, the enemies of the people and security of women and children, this Book similar historical film that unveils the true resistance People wronged line of the fiercest kinds of evil and enemies of humanity.

 From Do not read this book is not up to the truth that I want to divulge . The book remains a doubt prove that the facts contained in the Board, through documents, photographs and films that have received KDP forces during the intifada of the eternal 865,700 recorded during meetings of leaders of the Baath Party The confessions of Ali Hassan Al-Majid used chemical weapons The Anfal campaigns of history, sound and image. Where groping Reader of such threats as he waited for the Kurdish people of Goose and murderers before the modern era.

The writer received many photos of the martyrs and the names of many Victims, as a historical document below is unquestionable And mistrust.

I conclude this part of writing a chapter on the Anfal tragedy Kurds In English as a source of important Lmtabai and researchers who Anfal Do not know how the Kurdish and Arabic languages. Half of the writing of this Official documents and brochures targeting system and the names of companies Foreign-assisted system, documents say only as a guide Telling the truth of what was said at the board book. This book is worth reading researcher and the reader, which is part of the filing date of the Kurds A Thqaeki, as shown by the statement that prepared Abdullah Karim Mahmoud collection through research and fact-finding Thus produced something full of facts, documents and the richest Kurdish poor libraries. Please success writer Abdullah Karim Mahmoud We are waiting for the other to proceed Ntajath In order to show the right word and detect those facts that have remained Inherent in the publishing .


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