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Anfal Kurdish genocide

Anfal Kurdish genocide is the title of a book prepared by A Kurdish edition Soran Osman talked about the most painful case which is (Anfal) The Kurdish people's mass- Killings project.
 This book consists of a collection and documented programs that Khak press, Media center, and Kurdsat channel produced and aired, under the name of Anfal. The collection and documentation process had taken around 4 years.
Translated from Kurdish to English by Sherin Faiq Salih, and consists of 327 pages, covered pictures by Osman Kader, Design and phototypeset Bazian Jala, and it is first edition, and only 1000 copies published.
All the book talk about Kurdish genocide Anfal, it mention that  Kurds are one of the a few nations in the world that has a just and legitimate case, throughout history continuously suffered all kinds of wretchedness and misery, yet unfortunately so far, it has not been possible to record this just and rightful case as history. Anfal was those barbaric campaign attacks systematically carried out against the Kurds in South Kurdistan, by Arab baath socialist party during the period 1987 – 1988, he planned attacks resulted in eradicating and displacing 182000 civilians, wiping out over ten towns and 4500 villages.



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