Pasha Kora castle in Kurdistan Region

Mir Muhammad of Soran, known as (Great Mir or Pasha Kora) is the son of Mir Mustafa Bey Oghuz Bey.


He replaced his father as the ruler of Soran in 1814. He was also a descendant of Saladin. He set about eliminating potential opponents in ruthless fashion, including his uncles and their sons. He then proceeded to subdue the surrounding tribes, killing any chief who would not submit to his absolute rule. He seized the town of Harir, the former capital of Soran, and then Koy Sanjaq in 1823. He also went on to capture Hewler.


In his campaigns he massacred a large number of Yezidis. Concerned at what Mir Muhammad might do next, the Governor of Baghdad declared him as a Pasha. In 1834 the Ottomans sent Reşid Mehmed Pasha to restore their authority. He was joined by forces from Mosul and Baghdad. Mir Muhammad accepted an offer of safe conduct to Istanbul, led to believe that he would be reinstated by the Ottomans, but on his return he disappeared and is widely believed to have been murdered by an Imam called Mullah Muhammad Khati who hated and rallied many people against Soran rulers for their Circassian origins. According to the Kurds, he was a traitor to the Kurdish cause. A very famous woman beside Khanzad is Amber, called Ambar-Khatun, had also a significant role in the Beyzade families.


The Kurdish dialect Southern Kurmanji, which is commonly known in Kurdistan as Sorani, was named after this emirate. The present-day region of Soran (at the Rawandiz district) in Kurdistan was named after this Emirate.







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